Whose Doing DevOps the Most?

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Continuing along the path from last week’s post, let’s take another look at some of the results from our latest CIO survey.  Last week we looked at where Fusion Teams were most likely to be found.  This week, let’s look at organizations that have embraced iterative techniques, like DevOps, as the default approach to development.

As always, we’ll look at this using Gartner’s Enterprise Technology Adoption Profiles.  Here is the distribution:

As expected, the Agile Leaders lead the way, followed closely by the Fast Followers.   Then we have the Disciplined Followers, which should be no surprise.   The Conflicted Laggards being tied may seem surprising, but we have to remember that they are flexible in terms of planning and they prefer custom development more than other profiles.   So they may not want the newest tech and are generally change resistant, we can see why they fall where they do.    The Ambitious Leaders falling so low may be a surprise, given their Dynamic component and willingness to embrace change.  This may be driven by their being less IT-driven and not as interested in development   The last two are no surprise.

What would this mean to me if I provided DevOps tools or services?

First, there is a lot of opportunity for growth, across all the segments.    For those offering new tools and approaches, for folks wanting DevOps at scale, the targets should clearly be Agile Leaders and Fast Followers.   For others, there is a range of opportunity, but the  emphasis should not be on how cool and innovative DevOps is; it should be on how it now a proven approach that is low risk with manageable change.  This would be a message to take to the Disciplined Followers, Conflicted Laggards, and Reluctant Followers.

For those interested in refining their targeting approach and ideal customer profiles, ETAs continue to be a powerful tool.   Gartner analysts are prepared to share data like this and more and discuss the best path to improving your odds of success.