New Publications: January 2022

New Publications: January 2022 - -The D&A team is excited to share 4 pieces of recently published research!

Data Governance to Establish Enterprisewide Data Sharing
o B3 promotes enterprisewide data sharing by taking a value-first, “risk-adjusted” approach to data governance. D&A leaders can learn how to create a culture of proactive enterprisewide data sharing while balancing risk and return, resulting in cost savings and increased net new revenue
Case Study: Sustainable Data Governance Through Effective Compliance (Royal Bank of Canada)
o Governance is never finished; to be effective it has to be sustained by business users. Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) shows data and analytics leaders how to align governance activities with business users’ workflows by tying these activities to outcomes that business users already care greatly about.
Case Study: Practical Data Literacy (Kraft Heinz)
o Enterprisewide adoption of data and analytics is often inhibited by both cultural and technical issues. Data and analytics leaders can learn how Kraft Heinz develops its data literacy program to enable business users to create their own solutions.
Ignition Guide to Implementing High-Performing Data Engineering
o Data and analytics leaders face data integration challenges. This guide can help them modernize their enterprise data engineering practices, streamline integration and increase the consumability of enterprise data.