Preparing For the Worst is the Best Logistics Strategy

Preparing For the Worst is the Best Logistics Strategy - –


Despite best-intentioned diplomatic efforts followed by severe sanctions, the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues to escalate. Logistics is always at the sharp end of these globally significant events. As logistics leaders come to terms with the consequences, risk mitigation is the only strategy that really counts. Gartner analysts covering logistics have detailed and evaluated several potential risks that could have detrimental effects on different aspects of the global logistics industry.

The Tip of the Disruption Iceberg
The rapid escalation of the Russian invasion of Ukraine has acutely exposed the lack of preparedness of some companies to deal with disruption. Be under no illusion, disruption has become, and will remain, a constant that every logistics leader must accept and adapt to. Figure 1 details some of the other potential — and increasingly likely — events that logistics leaders will face.

Logistics professionals can hope for the best, but they must absolutely prepare for the worst. Here are four things that logistics leaders must do now to ease the pain of disruption:

Prepare risk assessments across the logistics network and be ready to act on alternate scenarios if necessary — plan for the unexpected.
Increase transport planning lead times, reassess network resilience and agility — reduce surface area and eliminate exposure to risk.
Enable alternate sources of supply, mode of transportation along with alternative ports and routes. Diversify the carrier and 3PL supplier base to expand capacity.
Create contingency funding to cover the incremental costs of increased fees from fuel surcharges and alternate modes of transport.

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